Knowing someone is like reading an adventure book. There are parts where it is full of color and vivid illustrations. Where everything you see tickles your imagination and you are left craving for more. On the other hand, there are some parts too that are dull and boring but that should not stop you from finishing the book. After all it is the essence or the feeling that you get after reading the book not the way that it was presented that leaves a lifetime impression on you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The True Beauty of Flowers

Flowers are a real beauty aren’t they? Whenever I see one it never fails to mesmerize me. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes. They may look simple or may have a complicated appearance adorned with stylish intricacies designed by nature and most of them releases a unique scent in the air that can either be enticing or not so pleasing to one's senses.

These little organic stars that sprouts from the ground all the year round is a true marvel of nature. However, the thing that I admire the most about flowers is not their physical beauty but rather on how they can still manage and force themselves to bloom despite not being cared for.

It is certainly true that people will not appreciate flowers unless they are in full bloom. Most of them will only be noticed once they have started to spread their petals and has revealed  their attractive hidden pigmentations. Once its beauty fades away so is the attention that it has received when it was still in full bloom. Do you know the old saying, “flowers have feelings?” I never believed in this when I was young but now I do. I guess that maturity and my experience has something to do with it.

"sacrificial maidens"

A wilted flower will focus all of its remaining nourishment and energy in producing a single tiny bud. Sowing seeds of hope in it that when it blooms it will get the attention and the care it deserves in exchange for pleasing the person that should be responsible for it, and if it still don’t work it will find a way to produce a bud again by letting its fragile roots sink into deeper ground to absorb more moisture from the earth shortening its lifespan in the process until it dies eventually.

Noble, is it not? 

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Tut, tut, tut... An annoying sound that I don’t want to hear since it signals the beginning of the day. It was my phone alarming. I woke up and started to look for my phone. I reached under my pillow and there it was. I sinfully turned off the alarm and closed my eyes again hoping that I would be able to get a few more minutes of my cherished sleep. After ten minutes of struggle whether I should submerge myself into deep sleep or not I decided to get out of the bed. I put on my shirt and shorts and went down.
There onwards it was the same old routine that I am so tired of doing. Thinking “What will I cook for lunch today? What will I wear for work?” However on that day there was something different, something was out of place, something exist where it should not. After carefully looking at the sky then it came to me, it was the moon. The moon was there even though the sun was already out and shining its rays brightly. I then asked myself “Is this even possible?” I looked at the clocked in disbelief. The short hand is pointing at number ten and the longer one was pointing at number twelve. I hastily tried to look for the remote and switched the television on hoping to find news about this unnatural event that I just witnessed but there was none. I just thought to myself that maybe it was just a normal event that occurs every thousand years, an astronomical event. I glanced over at the clock again and it was already 10:45am. “I am going to be late!” I gasped. I hurriedly finished what I am eating, washed the dishes and ran into the bathroom. Within fifteen minutes I was done, fully dressed and ready to go to work. I looked at my watch and it was 11:20am “Yikes! I need to hurry.”
I rode a bus from Crossing to Paseo. The bus was old and makes small creaking noises when moving. It’s also air-conditioned but it is as if the bus has none but for thirteen pesos I can’t complain and I also do not have the luxury of time to wait for a more decent bus because I’ll be late. Inside the bus I noticed that everybody was busy talking about the unusual phenomenon that I also witnessed this morning, some were even pointing at the direction where the moon was. I heard different speculations and a series of explanations from the passengers. As I was listening to their stories I remembered two movies that I watched, 2012 and The Knowing. Suddenly fear started to swell within me, numerous questions started to run inside my head. “What if it was already the end of the world? What will I do?” As I was self debating about those things I looked outside and what I saw made me shiver. The moon has somehow increased in size, doubled and it was much larger than the sun. I was in awe the whole time that by the time I got hold of the reality again I was already in Paseo. I got out of the bus and headed my way to the office. While I was busy walking and thinking I noticed that a lot of people were outside talking and looking at the moon some were even taking pictures of it using their DSLR cameras. At that point in time I was shaking, I was trying hard to control it. I don’t want to lose myself with what was happening. I don’t want to accept that one possibility that maybe this is it. I was not prepared for this, the end of the world. Finally, there I was standing in front of our office building and decided to look at the moon again one last time before I go inside. The moon was so big. It literally covered the whole sky including the sun. Darkness covered the area. I instantly froze on the ground where I was standing and started to hear chaos in the background. Every important person in my life flashed back and made me realized that there were so many things left unsaid and done and my eyes started to well up because I know deep down that this is the end.
And then I woke up to the sound of my phone alarming...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


“Blogging” as what others famously calls it. Although there is no such word became popular over the years. It is not as contagious as the FACEBOOK phenomenon that all of a sudden you receive numerous unknown friend invites from newly made facebook accounts since not everyone is good in writing English (including myself). It is an evolved form of a diary or journal where a person can write any topic that interests them.

I’ve read a couple of blogs already. Blogs that tackle about pets, foods and gadgets and I must say that the writers of those blogs were very good. They were able to tackle their subjects in a concise and clear manner while others in a new perspective. No wonder a lot of business men pay big amounts to have their products featured in a blog site. But did you know that not all good English speakers are good in writing in English and vice versa? There are only a few who are good in both and when I say good they are really GOOD!

Reading other person's blog is fun. You get the chance to discover the inner workings of their heads. Sometimes you'll be surprised because the way they express themselves in writing is totally different on the way they interact with you personally on a day to day basis.

You may be asking why am I saying things regarding blogging when my blog entry title for this is HESITANCE. Totally not related to what I am saying right? The answer to that is, I just wanted to introduce something about the subject first which is BLOGGING. A number one rule when you are going to construct a paragraph about something is to introduce your subject first. I have Mr. Hibek to thank for that. He was my Literature Professor when I was in college way back. Back to the topic, I’ve wanted to start my own blog for the longest time but as what the title says I was a bit hesitant. You see I am very quiet type of person, reserved? (What the heck does RESERVED mean?!). It is not my habit to express myself. Mother nature did not intend me to talk. I think the last one was a bit too much anyway because of that others often see me as a snobbish person or a person who does not have anything to say. I think my being patient in an abnormal way and my inability to express myself correctly worsened how other people perceives me.

Having my own blog will give me an outlet to express things in writing, things that I cannot express by word, by speaking. It is like opening a tightly closed faucet that once opened nothing can stop the water from gushing out and for that I am worried. Worried as to what things I might write consciously or unconsciously.

Hopefully, all of them will be all about pleasant things.

I would like to officially welcome you guys to my WORLD!!! The World of M.A.C.