Knowing someone is like reading an adventure book. There are parts where it is full of color and vivid illustrations. Where everything you see tickles your imagination and you are left craving for more. On the other hand, there are some parts too that are dull and boring but that should not stop you from finishing the book. After all it is the essence or the feeling that you get after reading the book not the way that it was presented that leaves a lifetime impression on you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The True Beauty of Flowers

Flowers are a real beauty aren’t they? Whenever I see one it never fails to mesmerize me. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes. They may look simple or may have a complicated appearance adorned with stylish intricacies designed by nature and most of them releases a unique scent in the air that can either be enticing or not so pleasing to one's senses.

These little organic stars that sprouts from the ground all the year round is a true marvel of nature. However, the thing that I admire the most about flowers is not their physical beauty but rather on how they can still manage and force themselves to bloom despite not being cared for.

It is certainly true that people will not appreciate flowers unless they are in full bloom. Most of them will only be noticed once they have started to spread their petals and has revealed  their attractive hidden pigmentations. Once its beauty fades away so is the attention that it has received when it was still in full bloom. Do you know the old saying, “flowers have feelings?” I never believed in this when I was young but now I do. I guess that maturity and my experience has something to do with it.

"sacrificial maidens"

A wilted flower will focus all of its remaining nourishment and energy in producing a single tiny bud. Sowing seeds of hope in it that when it blooms it will get the attention and the care it deserves in exchange for pleasing the person that should be responsible for it, and if it still don’t work it will find a way to produce a bud again by letting its fragile roots sink into deeper ground to absorb more moisture from the earth shortening its lifespan in the process until it dies eventually.

Noble, is it not? 

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